About us

Snowpeak Studio, SL is a young studio born in the middle of the Pyrenees. We are currently developing Blood Ancestors. The studio is composed of five talented professionals.

Our main goal is to create a different kind of games in order to fill the empty spaces in the current game industry.

The Team

David Broto
CEO & Co-Founder
Since I was really young I've been a Video Games enthusiast. I love to create innovative ideas, my mind is always generating new ideas and creating new stuff, I can't keep it quiet. Because of that I've always felt I was born to make Video Games, and now after a tough way I'm starting this project and I'll make my dreams come true.
"Also, I must confess, after so many years I still use to play Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, the best game till Blood Ancestors"
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Cristian Tejeda
CTO & Co-Founder
When i first whatched Toy Story I felt fascination for the 3D animation world. Giving the characters a soul, making them believable and alive. While growing up I saw that my pasion wasn't decreasing, quite the contrary, I was still feeling fascinated by these movies while people around me just saw it as films for kids. When I put it together to my pasion for videogames it took me into 3D art world and focus on 3d animation.
"In my dreams, I see curves everywhere...."
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Kike Santamaría
3D/2D Artist
Since I was born I've always been a plastic arts enthusiast, taking my early steps as a graffiti artist for more than ten years ago. After this i've been focusing on ilustration and graphic design, untill I've got caught by pixels, textures and polygons in the videogames world where I felt more confortable than ever. Pasionated about color and the amount of graphic styles which it unites.
Laura Mesones
2D/Concept Artist
Since I can remember I´ve been drawing and my entire life has been always related to art, expression, fantasy and sci-fi creations. To me working as concept artist in videogames has been a dream came true, forged by years of practice and study. I studied the bachelor of fine arts in Salamanca, Spain and Concept art at Syn Studio Art School in Montreal, Canada and I teached art techniques at Zaragoza, in Spain. But how I´ve learned the most has been observing/capturing nature, travelling and meeting other artists and putting all my passion in everything what I do, team work ethic and enjoying every step on the road
Julian De Orte
AI Programmer

To be updated....

Héctor Santamaría
3D Artist/Level Designer

To be updated....

Eduardo Moldón
Community Manager

To be updated....

Our work

Have an idea? We make it come true.

We are a small but powerful team. We have very talented staff that will be able to create almost anything you can imagine.


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